Recently, the world as we know it has been forever changed due to the covid-19 pandemic. People, schools, jobs, and society have all been affected by the covid-19 virus. Therefore, everyone knows how much of a financial burden most of our families are facing on an every day basis. If we can find a way to get more money to our business owners and start-up businesses the economy unemployment rate should increase slowly over the next year. If you're trying to start a small business, always remember persistence pays off. Have you ever watched a movie called, "The Founder"? Michael Keaton is running the show of his life. Never give up if you really want it.

Below are some videos to help get your business funded, so you and your employees can get back to work as soon as possible. Different counties, cities, and states.



Application for SBA emergency loan and how to get approved for the $25,000 maximum. Still accepting applications.

How to file taxes using TaxAct free edition online. You can also apply without having a job for the year and still get a refund check. Where's my refund will give you exact updated information about the deposit of your money.

No small business needed or no additional documents requested step by step tutorial when using this method for the application. I tested it multiple times before I put this video out and it's best to use a paypal with activity. Check the activity dates before you apply if you need to establish a business start up date.

The other right way on how to get approved for the $10,000 SBA loan application.

Showing you guys both methods on how to apply for $10,000 without having a small business. The EIDL is still in full effect. Make sure you are prepared with a few things just in case they ask you questions.