About Us

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I started HD or 4K Studios in an 2 bedroom apartment in one of the worst neighborhoods in Rockford, IL. In the same year 3 people died in or outside of my apartment building by gun violence. Already making videos, recording music, and doing whatever else I needed to do in order to keep my dream of financial abundance alive, I took everything to the next level. While trying my hardest to find a way through the hardest of times I realized that making people happy made me feel happier than the person I was helping. Thinking back to grade school, I used to be the first kid done with my class work just so I could walk around the class and help others. Through experiences, now I know that kids do things unconsciously and I was just doing what I wanted to do so badly and that is to help people. MAYBE I love to help people because I was given help my entire life. My parents already had 2 boys older than myself so I'm sure they helped me a lot.


In the end I guess I can only speculate on why I love to help people so much and I'm sure I'm not the only one out there. I truly believe if there were an entire police force of people who thought exactly like me, the world would be in better hands. I live life trying to help at least 1 person a day and that makes my entire night. If I can help you in any way I live for that purpose. Please get in touch.