Have You Filed Your Taxes Yet?

Filing your income taxes online has become increasingly popular in the these days. In fact, all of my closest friends and relatives also file their income taxes from the comfort of their own homes every single year.

There are more benefits to filing your own income taxes

- Free

- No waiting lines

- Grow your tax filing knowledge

- Get the most money for yourself

- Keep your information private

Say for instance, if you went to a tax preparation company and they told you that you would receive a refund of $2,000 they will charge you anywhere from $300-$600 to prepare your income taxes

The only upsides to going to a tax preparation company are:

- You can get everything done worry free

- They can loan you the money earlier

- You can ask for advice

Basically, if you are the type of person that loves to save money, time, and energy for when it matters the most. Then you should really consider giving filing your own taxes a shot. I feel like I should create a t-shirt saying, “file you own taxes and save money.”

Below is a video on how to file your taxes online. I used TaxAct for an example, but all of the tax preparation software is pretty much the same.

Have you filed your taxes yet?