$2.3 Trillion, Will The President Sign The New Bill?

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

$2.3 trillion bill passed, now waiting for the president to sign.

“Do you remember the payment everyone received earlier in the year but only if you filed taxes the year before?”

Payments will be given out the same way as last time. If you filed taxes and got direct deposit then you will get a direct deposit. If you received a check then you will be mailed a check to the address on file.

$600 for single, and $1,200 for couples

The money mostly goes to the ones who filed taxes last year 2019 for $75,000 or lower. If passed you will receive $600 for yourself, $1,200 for couples. Also you will receive an additional $600 per child. For example, a single mother with 4 children would receive $3,000.

If you made over $75,000 in 2019, because you still may receive a payment. For every $100 over the limit, what you receive will drop down $5. For example, if you made $80,000 you would get $250 less.

We will keep you notified of the outcome and the dates you should be expecting a payment.


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